I'm Brent.

I remember getting my first camera from my dad. It was a Canon 35mm film camera. Didn't last long, just like film in the 21st century. Then I upgraded to a digital camera....4 megapixel camera...and it was also an MP3 player. It wasn't until I convinced him to buy me my first DSLR camera senior year of high school that I really got hooked on photography. I can thank my dad for my love of photography and storytelling.

I love telling stories. Originally, I thought I wanted to me a broadcast journalist. So I went to Mizzou and attended the world-renowned Missouri School of Journalism. But I always knew my passion was teaching and storytelling. So I switched majors and became a teacher, but I never put the camera down.

I still teach, but in my time away from school I love carrying my camera and capturing memories for others. Whether it be senior portraits, a proposal, a landscape of downtown St. Louis or anything in between, you'll always find me with my camera.